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Introducing Afripay Ambassador Program

While we are on a mission to help business owners and freelancers receive crypto payments in Africa, we also want to offer you an opportunity to be a part of the fastest-growing Blockchain Payment Processing & Mobile App startup in Africa. Join us in our efforts through the ‘Afripay Ambassador’ program.

What Do You Gain?

You will play a vital role in adding value to the Afripay Platform.

For those that show the most initiative and prove their willingness to answer questions and help grow the community, we will make you an Afripay Finance group Admin/Ambassadors and you’ll be privy to the latest Afripay news before everyone else!

You will take up initiatives and supply feedback, ideas, and suggestions, and will have a direct line of communication with the Afripay Finance leadership team. Along with this, you will be community leaders in our numerous social channels.

Additionally, you will land a fantastic opportunity to network with crypto experts and enthusiasts worldwide and develop your digital asset space reputation. And in this, we promise to support you throughout the way!

Compensation in APAY Tokens

For all your dedication and services for growing Afripay Finance, you may receive compensation in $APAY tokens, along with other goodies that we have in store for you!

Rewards will be distributed monthly based on month-to-month contributions.

What are We Looking For in an Afripay Ambassador?

As an ‘Afripay Ambassador,’ your first and foremost task would be to spread word about our project and boost our platform’s adoption.

We would also like you to use your networking and communication skills to spread the word about Afripay and bring in more users. Along with this, you will be responsible for:

  • Educating the community about Afripay Finance via crisp content and social media communication
  • Growing our network of influencers, exchange partners, and project partners
  • Increasing our social media and mainstream media presence
  • Fueling marketing efforts by content creation and distribution
  • Testing new features of our platform
  • Developing bots for moderating, analysis, and data
  • Translating documents, articles, and social media posts
  • Establishing and growing regional Afripay communities
  • Mentoring other Ambassador and bringing them to speed with the requirements

How to Apply?

Fill out the application form:

About Afripay

Afripay is a Crypto Payment Solutionthat enables business owners and entrepreneurs make and receive crypto payments with less transaction fees utilizing blockchain technology aimed at providing swift, secure transactions all around Africa.

The team is made of Developers, IT Specialists and global marketing experts with over 45 years combined experience across these fields. The team is mostly based in Africa where they have experienced the problems they are trying to solve.

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Afri Pay

Decentralised #P2P Payment Protocol For Africa Built With #Binance Smart Contracts