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Today, let’s make a quick focus on the tokens LOCKS in the APAY ecosystem!

What is a token LOCK?

The LOCKS in the Afripay ecosystem

At Afripay, we take into account the expectations of our investors and we know that tokens lock-up it is essential to offer the most reassuring and secure environment possible around the project. To do this, we have set up a tokens LOCK strategy that covers all the main wallet of the project, let’s get into the details.

  • Presale end time: 2021–06–27
  • Presale rate: 25000 APAY per BNB
  • Soft cap: 400 BNB
  • Hard cap: 800 BNB
  • Minimum Contribution: 0.2 BNB
  • Maximum Contribution: 10 BNB
  • Liquidity unlock date: 2021–09–20 (Once We Unlock This Liquidity, We would be Moving To…

Afri Pay

Decentralised #P2P Payment Protocol For Africa Built With #Binance Smart Contracts

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